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OEM partners

BI Healthcare, as a well organized manufacturer, we welcome our customers to carry out our OEM solutions for every unique of product.

We are equipped to handle your outsourced manufacturing needs from start to finish. Our complete array of manufacturing capabilities from fabricating to welding and machining, allows us to turn raw materials into your finished products that meet your specific needs, and of course on time and on budget.

The reason to partner with BI Healthcare is simple: We offer a turnkey, risk free way to quickly grow your business. BI Healthcare already has the infrastructure, staff and resources in place that are required to develop, produce and deliver high quality hospital furniture of all types and sizes. We have a dedicated OEM Solution team who will work with you to complete your project on time and to specification and will be there to address any concerns on an ongoing basis.

Our quality control staff has extensive experience in a strict hospital furniture environment and our facility undergoes yearly external audits to insure we are meeting or exceeding all established good manufacturing practices. Our QC department will work with you throughout the process of plant qualification and validation to ensure your product is manufactured to your specifications and meets the highest quality standards.

Last and important: we will treat all of your new product information and concept as A-confidential documents and will never leak to other related parties or marketing it by ourselves.

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