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BiHealthcare long-term success is predicated on a value-oriented corporate culture with four central strengths: close collaboration with our customers, the expertise of our employees, continuous innovation and outstanding quality.

Hospital ward

  • Every design is for the patient satey and prevent any potential injury of patient.
  • We are delicated ourselves to more convenience of patient and caregivers. 

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Comfocare Hospital Bed

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Epoch Surgical/Medical bed

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Operating room

  • Our operating table and light solutions are designed to manage the challangers of today's OR.
  • Increase efficiency, reduce cost and improve patient safety, we are leading the future.

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operation room

Surgical LED light

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Electric Oeperating Table

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Gynecological & Examination

  • Our design of tables for examination & delivery room are combining comfort ,flexibility and safety.
  • Full range of choices from general purposes models to highly integrated models.

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examination room

Treatment Table

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Hydraulic Delivery Table

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Emergency cart & Storage

  • Various ranges of options for the devices transfer and storage, make every inch efficiency.
  • Well designed for each cart is equipped with accessories to meet specfic needs and usage. 

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Computer cart

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Vancare Medical Cart

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Patient transfer & Mobility aid

  • Offering effortless system for nursing staff providing safe and comfortable transfer.
  • For all sudden cases, to perform all operations in a fast and coneninet manner for caregivers.

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Trueeco Truma Trolley

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Shower Trolley

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