Responding to human needs with technical innovation

Continuous development and a quest for perfection are characteristic of BI Healthcare corporate culture. Our openness to new and innovative approaches constantly spurs us on, yet we never lose sight of our mission: Technology for Life.

The special needs of the human body often prompt groundbreaking technical developments.

Anticipating needs and exceeding expectations

Research and development is a solid platform from which we will continue actively shaping our markets. That firm footing is essential for swift, agile responses to new requirements – or staying a step ahead of them. Being innovative also means seizing opportunities and responding to challenges with courage, dedication and an inquisitive spirit. And while we are already among the international leaders of our field, we still have plenty of room to grow. Every year, we invest around eight percent of our revenues in research and development to turn visions into technology for life.

 “Investing in research and development means investing in the future. It is key to our company's continued success.”





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