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What is basic furniture and equipment in operating room


There are several types of operating tables in use and all are
rather complicated in construction and manipulation. They are designed so that they can be adjusted to the needs of the surgeon for any type of operation he may perform. The table is equipped with a hydraulic system. It is mounted on casters that are locked in place during surgery. The operating table shown in figure 1-7 is "dressed" or made up with sheets ready to receive a patient

The enlisted 0R specialist assigned to circulate for an operation is responsible for assisting with the positioning of the patient. Therefore, he must have a detailed knowledge of the table as well as the many positions of the patient for surgery.


a. Mayo Stand.This stand or table is small, and its height is adjustable. It is designed to overhang the operating table and hold instruments and other sterile items for immediate use and within easy reach of the scrub. The tray upon which the sterile goods are placed is detachable so that is may be sterilized for use during an operation. 

b. Large Tables for Instruments. The largest table for instruments used in the OR is the angular or "L"- shapedtable. The table provides an area where additional sterile supplies for the case can be arranged and stored until needed. If the number of supplies to be used does not require the use of the angular table, a smaller rectangular table is used. Both the angular table and the smaller rectangular table are often referred to as "back" tables. The "back" table is placed within easy reach of the scrub and is draped with sterile drapes for use during an operation. There is also an undraped angular instrument table.


a. Ordinary lighting for the OR is adequately provided by fixtures recessed into
the ceilings. To provide additional light over the operative area, there is a special
overhead light fixture suspended from the ceiling. This fixture is
designed to provide shadow-free lighting on the operative area, to give off a minimum amount of heat, and to be easily cleaned and adjusted. The specialist should practice adjusting this light so that he can make changes quickly and accurately during surgery. The ceiling lights and the operating lights are on different circuits to avoid confusion and delay if a fuse burns out.

b. Portable lights are necessary for satisfactory illumination in some operative
procedures such as vaginal or rectal surgery. Storage battery lights should be provided for emergency lighting during a power failure. These must be inspected, tested, and recharged at frequent intervals, as prescribed by local policy.

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