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Fundamental knowledge on hospital ward

Here we offer you some fundamental knowledge on hospital ward, both for our caregivers or our distributors could have better service to our patient and keep them comfortable and safe:

 1. Normally a hospital will have private room, semiprivate room and Ward, and what is the difference among them.Private room contains only one bed.Semiprivate rooms contain two beds.Wards are multiple-bed rooms, usually with 3 or 4 beds.

2.What you should do to the bed before leave the ward, keep the hospital bed to the lowest horizontal position always.

3.Unless the bed is being moved, bed should always be locked.

4. Potential benefits of side rails are that they : Provide support and a "handle" for the pts to use for turning and repositioning in bed.

provide a "handle" for getting into and out of bed.

Give the pats a feeling of security

Reduce the risk of the pts falling out of ved.

Provede access to ved and television controls that part of the bed rail design.

5.Side rail should never be used for : attachment of tubes such as IV lines or catheters. attachment of restraints

6.Room most comfortable temperature: 71ºF to 81ºF.

7.The spare parts of beds should inspection often to keep the safety of patient, including:lost screws,frayed straps,loose wheels,broken control knobs,latches that do not hook,side rails that do not fasten correctly,faulty brakes on wheelschairs and stretchers,frayed electrical cords



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