You have reached a certain position. Now you expect more from your professional life: a job where you can really make a difference – for yourself and for other people. At BI Healthcare you can give your job a new meaning, because here you contribute to ideas becoming technology for life: devices and solutions that protect, support or rescue lives.

We offer you: 

  • Tasks and projects that are worth working for
  • Creative freedom for bold ideas
  • Many different ways to enhance self-development
  • Long-term potential in a successful family business
  • Family-friendly working hours, day care facility near the company and inter-regional family service
  • Internal trainings where you learn more about BI Healthcare products and processes 
  • External trainings on specific specialist topics in which you would like to gain more knowledge 
  • Collaboration with various contact persons so that you can make important contacts 
  • Inter-divisional programs where you can learn even more about BI Healthcare and meet colleagues from different departments

Join BI Healthcare and get the opportunity to make a true difference in peoples’ lives by “Concentrate on patient comfort” .


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